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Wellbeing Wednesday

The health and wellbeing of all of our learners, their parents/carers and families is extremely important to us at Beacon Hill Academy, even more so because of the lockdown.

As such, we will be holding "Wellbeing Wednesday" on Wednesday 10th February 2021.

Why are you doing this?

While technology is critical to enable learning during these challenging times, we recognise the impact this can have on a person's wellbeing (of any age).

What does this mean?

As such, we will not be setting any work on Wednesday afternoon for learners to complete. This will allow learners and our staff to spend this time with their families, doing something they enjoy to relax.

For more information, please see Principal's Update #5:

Principal's Update #5

Principal's Update #5 As we round off the week, please see below the weekly update from Mr Dhami, Principal and a rewards update from Mr Lynch, Assistant Principal.