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Year 6 Summer School Data Collection

Summer School 2021 (29/07/24 to 31/07/24)

Last updated: 27/02/24

As part of our successful Year 6 Transition plans we will be running a free summer school programme. The summer school programme aims to provide learners with: 

Smooth Transition: Our summer school provides an opportunity for learners to familiarise themselves further with the Beacon Hill Academy environment, routines, and expectations before the academic year begins. This can ease anxiety and facilitate a smoother transition. 

Academic Preparation: Our summer school will offer academic enrichment programs that will help learners build foundational skills or bridge any learning gaps, ensuring they are better prepared for the challenges of secondary school.  

Social Integration: By attending our summer school, learners will have the chance to meet their peers who will also be transitioning to secondary school. This continued interaction fosters friendships and a sense of belonging, making the adjustment to Beacon Hill Academy easier. 

Increased Confidence: Participating in our summer school activities and programs will help boost your child’s confidence in their abilities to succeed in secondary school. This confidence can positively impact their academic performance and overall well-being. 

Exposure to Secondary School Resources: Our summer school will allow your child to become familiar with our facilities, resources, and support services. This early exposure can help learners feel more comfortable seeking assistance when needed during the academic year. 

Personal Growth Opportunities: Our summer school activities will offer opportunities for personal growth and leadership. We will be offering a range of exciting clubs where your child will be able to have lots of fun whilst at the same time developing key skills. 

Fun and Friendship: More importantly our summer school is about making lasting memories and forging new friendships. Engaging in fun activities and games will help to create a vibrant and inclusive community where your child will feel supported and connected, laying the foundation for positive relationships at Beacon Hill Academy.  

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