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Post-Results Services

On results day, learners will be given their examination results. Some candidates may not be happy with the results given and may request a review of marking or appeal their result(s.) 

Beacon Hill Academy understands that some of our learners may wish to explore their options within the post-results services offered. On Results Day, the Exams Officer, as well as subject teachers, will be on-site and readily available to assist with any examination queries they have and to discuss the next steps in regard to the post-results services and appeals. 

Learners will be asked to complete a JCQ Candidate Consent Form on results day regarding the result they would like re-checking / a review of marking on / to appeal. In doing so, the candidate will be fully informed of the potential outcomes, including that the mark can go up/down and that the appeal is not guaranteed to be accepted. 

The Exams Officer will then process the request with the relevant examination board and inform the candidate of the result once it is received. If a candidate has had an exam paper re-checked / re-marked and they still are not happy with the result, then they can request an appeal. An appeal cannot be requested until after the centre has received the outcome of the post-results service that has been submitted. 

Appeals can also be made in relation to malpractice decisions and decisions made regarding access arrangements, reasonable adjustments and special considerations. 

The appeal request will ultimately be decided by the Principal, who will decide if they believe either a marking/moderation error has occurred or the awarding body did not apply its procedures consistently, properly or fairly. If it is decided that the grounds for the appeal are met, the appeal must be submitted by the Head of the Centre; it cannot be submitted by the learner or their parent/carer. 

The Head of the Centre will then submit a written request to the relevant awarding body, which will include the grounds for the appeal being submitted. Once the information has been collated, the appeal request will be submitted. 

Following this, the JCQ Appeals process will be followed by the awarding bodies to determine the outcome. This is included in the Exams Policy folder.