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Celebrating Success

At Beacon Hill Academy, and throughout Dudley Academies Trust, our 5 Core Values are essential to everything we do. One of these values is ‘Rewarding Effort’ and we believe this is the key to driving success within schools.  

Whilst we expect our learners to always try their best, we believe that those who go above and beyond, and those who consistently meet our expectations, shouldn’t only be given the occasional ‘Well done’ in their books, but should be truly rewarded for their hard work and effort! 

During the last twelve months alone, we have rewarded our learners for outstanding attendance, perfect punctuality, excelling in lessons and going above and beyond in and around school. Learners have received: 

  • Free snacks at break and lunch 

  • Queue skip vouchers 

  • Free trip to Alton Towers 

  • Free trip to Bowling 

  • Exclusive Christmas Party 

  • Multiple free Amazon Echo Smart Speakers .

In the future, we aim to increase the number and magnitude of these rewards!